I’m very proud to inform you that we’ve got our first email sender for the Teen Support. And as request, I shall not publicize any personal information about the writer enclosed in the email she sent. Be reminded that the published article may contain edits from the original one, as we are trying to translate everything into English.

Dear Pinoy Teens,

Hello, I’m Nikka Domingo from the Philippines. One of the frequent readers of your website. I’ve made use of the couple of lessons that you’ve posted here from time to time, and I feel happy about the way you try to help us fellow teenagers to excel in class. As for I have a little advantage over the other readers, being a 4th year student just like you.

Speaking of excelling in class, it appears to make no sense at all, as if it is useless. I don’t know what is wrong! We’ve had our first monthly examination good a week ago, and I almost failed in all subjects that I’ve studied well. Maybe telling you more about the way I study could help.

I study by having music turned on, and talking to my friends via sms with my mobile phone, either to discuss any random gossips or to oftentimes inquire about something that I find difficult to understand on what I was studying about. It does help for me, I think. Yet, the result of the examination totally upset me and make me feel like a looser, I’ve lost the confidence to ever touch a book again and study because it just does not make any sense at all.

I hope that you could recommend me some tips and hopefully leave me a couple of advices that I could follow in order for me to pass this very 4th year in secondary education. Please do help me out in spite the very few details that are contained in this email. Thanks once again!

From Princess:

Dear Nikka (we changed the name to just a random name),

First of all, we, especially I really do appreciate that you’ve left us an email regarding your problem. Now, let’s get on with the business. Hmm. I know how you feel, I’ve felt that frustration before, as if all that I’ve studied appeared useless at the end, and a lot of hours of lurking around the pages of your notebook or your notes appear seemingly nonsense. But, it does happen often, you, nor I are excluded from that. Nor are other people excluded.

Maybe your mind just blacked out for a while, for that very moment, but like you’ve said, failing in almost all examinations? Must be something fishy with that. Ask these question to yourself and check what’s wrong could possibly be the cause for your land slide failure.

  • What did you study? All the lessons or just a portion of them?
    • It is very important to (most of the time) take up every single line of your notes that you either get from your notebook or from your book. These are the fundamentals of every examination created by the teacher.
  • When did you study them?
    • The time frame between your pre-study for the examination and the examination itself is very important. We all good know that stress is really not a good friend; and stress comes along your way if ever you are studying on the last minute. You won’t be able to absorb anything from your lessons, else if you do; it’ll only be for a short span of time and you might come to forget all that once the examination starts.
  • How did you study, where and with whom?
    • Besides the time frame for your studies, you also need to take care of your surroundings during your study session. It’s very important that there’s nothing that may destruct you while you are studying. It’s advisable that you refrain from texting or talking to your friends about anything not related to what you are studying. It’s also recommended that you turn of any device that’s producing annoying sounds that could disturb you, like the Radio for example. Yet, there are really a few people who come to perform better when music is played. If in case you are one of those people, feel free to apply your favorite music along with your study, but just make sure that you’ll be a passive listener at that very moment.

If any of our readers can add some advices, please do so by just leaving a comment below