Best Female Video winner Taylor Swift was humiliated by Kanye West during the VMA 2009 Awarding. West grabbed the microphone from Swift and made a humiliating statement.

Truly, it was of great honor when Taylor Swift received the award for the best music video of 2009 for You Belong With Me during the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. But it was also a bitter one! Taylor Swift was humiliated during the VMA 2009 by another artist going by the name Kanye West who went up the stage during her speech after receiving the award and uttered some unkind words that have left Taylor Swift truly speechless and shocked, not only was she shocked that moment, but I bet the thousands of fans as well.

Kanye West humiliates Taylor Swift in fronts of thousands

The moment that Taylor Swift finished (or was midway) her speech, Kanye West run up the stage and grabbed the microphone away from Taylor Swift to deliver a really harsh and clear message that I arguably agree with, but if we’d only count releases done this year (2009), then I surely have to disagree with it.

Kanye West says Beyonce got better videos than Ms Swift

The words sounded like: Beyonce got some of the best videos of all time. It really pains much if you’re an artist who just won a related award like Best Female Video. Taylor Swift just stood there shocked in disbelief about what she heard a moment back, majority of the people in attendance started to boo Kanye West for his unkind freakin’ act and then started to cheer for the young song writer and singer Taylor Swift to cheer her up from the moment of humiliation she’s undergone.

Taylor Swift humiliation by Kanye West Video

Here’s the video of the Taylor Swift humiliation done by Kanye West during the VMA 2009 awarding:

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