Country Singer/Songwriter Taylor Swift is set to release her new album entitled Red on October 22, 2012.

Taylor Swift, undisputedly one of the most popular singers in the world as of this writing just made history a few days earlier with her newly released single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The single became the fastest-selling digital single in history.

Goodbye Country, Hello Pop

Taylor Swift "RED" Album Cover

Taylor Swift “RED” Album Cover

The first thing I noticed about Taylor Swift’s new single is that it’s such a misfit for the Country genre. It’s not the first time Taylor Swift swayed away from her musical roots and ventured closer and closer into Pop Music. This song marks a huge shift in Taylor’s music – unless her new album “Red” can prove me wrong. (Which I highly doubt)

Let’s see how successful Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” will be once launched on October 22 of this year.

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