Oh you know what I’m talking about.

You’ve been madly in love with this certain person for how many months. 3? 8? Maybe a year even? And yet, you’re still there, just another spectator of his/her brilliance–always hiding in the shadows because your heart can’t take the nervous beating.

I'll Give You All I Can
photo by Brandon Christopher Warren via Flickr

Get a grip.

I DO know the feeling, don’t get me wrong; and I would admit that it is definitely one of the best things you could ever feel. Unrequited as it may seem, loving someone secretly is like a thrilling little experience that you’d want to do over and over again. Everyday–even at any given hour.

You feel like goo when he/she passes and you’d want yourself to look really cool and awesome once that happens. Because in your eyes, your crush looks like the most perfect thing God has ever created. His/her voice sounds like your current LSS song that you’ll never get tired of hearing and to add more to the ‘I can’t stop thinking of you’ stance, let’s add that he/she just has to have the most adorable smile that has ever graced the planet.

Know what I mean?

And when that goes on and on, the idea of possessing that beautiful creature suddenly enters your drug-induced brain and you keep on harping on that idea day in and day out. You’ll start writing love letters, listen to sappy love songs, and buy cheesy plush heart pillows even if they’re out of season.

Love is by all means, free. You’re free to love (or maybe like, for the kiddies out there) anyone you choose. The perfect hair, those gorgeous eyes, that dashing smile – but it all boils down to one question: are you ready to make your move?

It’s pretty much like chess. When all your pawns are eaten by your opponent–you feel cornered, trapped even, and yet you have to sacrifice one of your valuable pieces to win because you have to win.  That is, after all, the objective of chess. Do you concede and accept defeat forever? Or do you grab your queen and charge forward recklessly?

Of course, you have to consider that making that big move would either mean an epic win or a total defeat. It’s up to your ‘special someone’ to decide. No, fabricating it would just mean a lie, and giving him/her love potion is just wrong on so many levels.

I’m not writing to actually say straight to your face that you should hasten/delay your heartfelt confession or encourage/discourage you to pursue your all-time crush. Oh dear no, why would I do that?

Whatever the reason that hinders you, though, I say JUMP over them and CROSS that extra mile. Confessing to someone takes guts, you know? At least, in that whirlwind, remember that if everything didn’t go as planned, then you won’t regret it when the day comes. Because seriously, you’ll never know till you ask, right?

So breathe in.

Breathe out.

Tighten your grip on those gifts you’ve held on for so long.

Got that speech memorized?

May luck be on your side, friend.

Now go make that big leap.