For sure, it’s the people who take care for themselves within a country, but that doesn’t makes the people by their own responsible for their health, the government has to play it’s role somehow, especially in these past days when the Swine Flu is spreading around and is rumored to be a major pandemic within our own Philippines.

The Human Community has surpassed a lot of tests and pandemics before, S.A.R.S is a good example of one that has spread all over the globe and killed thousands of people while laming another high number of people not only within the Philippine territory.

But let’s not talk about S.A.R.S and the other diseases that are part of human history already but tackle on this new possible pandemic, which is Swine Flu. Swine Flu generally affects pigs, and the markets of ours especially public markets are the ones to watch out for, be cautious when you buy something especially pig related, you don’t want to take any swine flu infected meal home, do you?

We haven’t researched about Swine Flu yet and the media confirmed along with a presentable name from the Agriculture sector that there is no issue of swine flu or any other pandemic in relation to it in the Philippines, but still, it’s always nice to be a little cautious, ’cause you never know.

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