The World Wide Web serves millions of people with informative articles about whatever topic that they are looking for, and the thousands of people worried about the pandemic Swine Flu A(H1N1) is no exclusion to it. It’s even one of the trending searches with related keyphrases of Swine Flu Symptoms, Swine Flu Vaccine, A(H1N1) Cure and many others. But my worries goes with the people who are searching for informative articles related to their Swine Flu searches but end up by a SEOptimized web page that is just looking to benefit from the visits and probable clicks that the concerned parties might provide whenever they’d open the websites online to find out that there is pretty much nothing, or no true information at all available about the pandemic that they are looking for.

I myself, has been experiencing the same problem right now, but of course, being a Online Blogger and SEO Consultant, knows which is which and that advertisements are not to be clicked, especially for the unworthy articles that relate to nothing, but to the advantage of the writer alone. The swine flu virus has become a serious threat world wide, here in the Philippines though, Doctors believe that the Influenza A(H1N1) is not to be considered as such due to the present existence and trend of the seasonal Dengue Fever that threatens more people than the said pandemic outbreak of the Swine Flu Virus.

If you were kind enough to read my post until here, I can assure you that we are not one of those who look after your clicks on any of our given adverts, but would like to inform you more about the current global pandemic that is doing its rounds not only in Mega Manila but also in Davao, if my present situation will be proven true. That’s why I’ll be providing you with more informative articles that can help you understand the flu better and make you prepared once it’ll reach your house holds, which I hope it won’t.

Swine Flu Influenza A(H1N1) Info

Here’s a short list of websites that could enhance and enlighten your knowledge about the common foe that we are facing.

I hope that other online content writers will realize the same that you should provide information to your readers and the people who are searching the internet, and don’t show crappy posts you just came up to ride the bandwagon in order to gain hits and so, prove yourself to be a source of information and don’t be labeled as online scrappers like many others do just to attain money without minding the disappointments they leave to their readers.

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