I still feel so frustrated about Google’s Decision to take away my precious page rank of importance level 3 from Pinoy Teens Online, but I will do my best to get back that page rank that I once had. Might I not create a good community, nor may I have time for my other websites, one thing I know, and it’s very vital, that Pinoy Teens’ development should be priority on my list.

Maybe, I have let things pass me by so easily, and carelessly forgotten to optimize my incoming links and traffic, but not this time around, I will be what I was before, to get back on the ranking I had. I admit, the activity has slown down, and I don’t have any discussion forum to present anymore (which really helps in getting traffic), but let’s see if the blog alone can do it.

But, this doesn’t means that development on other blogs like my poetry site will stop, it’s just that I need to pay more attention to Pinoy Teens Online in order to get the fame back of my page rank baby. (from the first time it has updated under my name, it had a page rank of 3).

How should I start with it? Any ideas?