Bagyong Pepeng known as Super Typhoon Parma internationally will hit Luzon today, October 2 late in the afternoon with the strength common to Reming in 2006.

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Like my friend on this blog has discussed earlier, the follow-up typhoon to Pepeng who is internationally known as Parma has reached the state when it is classified a Super Typhoon, and it is said to hit the archipelago on October 2 late in the afternoon. There’s no doubt, according to PAGASA that Parma is way stronger to Ondoy (Internationally known as Ketsana) and can be compared to the strength of the 2006 disastrous Reming typhoon that paved the country back then.

Ondoy damaged through heavy rainfall

Ondoy was not the strongest tropical storm to hit the Philippines, but he has brought damage which is estimated to reach over a hundred million dollars (src: abcnews). And that damage was due the heavy rain and massive flash floods it brought to the country during its uproar last weekend. But, adding insult to injury, like we’ve said before and like I’ll emphasize again, another typhoon has reached the Philippine Archipelago and looks to harm the Luzon Area.

If Ketsana has done it with rainfall, Parma will deal damage with its strength, and we can probably look to a bigger problem than we are in right now. With over 90,000 still without electricity and over 300,000 people unsheltered, there couldn’t be a worst scenario than this happening.

Super Typhoon Parma is not alone

Also mentioned by my co-blogger was that Parma is not alone and that it comes along with a follow-up Typhoon that may reach the Philippines as well right after Parma’s stay in the country which is predicted to last a couple of days.

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