For our third Studying Tips Post, I’ve invited yet another Ateneo de Davao University Student to share her ideas about the whole studying stuff. Say hi to Paulina Briones, a graduating student of AdDU. πŸ™‚ (And oh, she’s our colleague at the Davao Bloggers, too. Maybe you want to become a member of the Davao Bloggers *wink)

Sure, it’s been a while since our last studying tips post. Blame Kevin’s dengue, a drop in motivation (and yours truly’s late arrival at PTNM) for that. Let’s see to it now though that you guys won’t lose your motivation in studying, shall we?

Paulina’s studying habit scales roughly 8/10 according to herself. She’s one of the most studious yet that we’ve encountered (and believe me, we have lots of backlogs for Studying Tips right now). So, listen carefully to what she does and what she thinks appropriate as a College Student when it comes to face the deathly task of studying.

Three notable things that Paulina does whenever she decides to study are the following:

  • Eating peanuts – because peanuts probably count to one of her favorite things to eat.
  • Frequently changing of studying positions to refrain from falling asleep – which is a quite obvious, yet often neglected thing to do.
  • and lastly… playing unobtrusive music which you’re not actually listening to, but just hear in the background. May I recommend checking out this post at one of our favorite productivity blogs entitled Music for Work?

Paulina’s most optimal studying environment at home covers the following: a proper study table with a comfortable chair along with it. Paired with a well lit and well ventilated room. The room shouldn’t be too cold though, so you won’t end up wanting to sleep or at worse, just falling asleep right there face to face with your notes!

Though Paulina’s quite fond of being online most of the time (hey, she’s a blogger and pleads guilty of the advice she shared with us that I’m going to share with you), this is what she believes is the right thing to do when you want to accomplish anything productive during your studying session:

It’s simple, if you want to finish your study material on time, refrain from being online where a lot of distractions linger to set you off-track. (I plead guilty!) If you require to surf the net for additional information, see to it to have a hardcopy (probably print it out) and go on with your review process.

All right then, so this concludes my very first blog post on Pinoy Teens New Media. Thanks again to Paulina Briones for sharing her experience in studying with the readers of! (: