Students generally can’t afford to spend much on accommodation and furnishings, so you will web design Sacramento probably need to stick to the essentials only.

A Functional Study Area

One of the most important considerations for your new home will be the creation of a really functional study area; somewhere you can comfortably spend the hours necessary to complete your tasks. You may not have enough room to set up a separate office but you should dedicate an area, like the corner of a room, as your special study area. Use your designated area for study only, that way you will train your brain to think study every time you sit there.

The Desk


Your desk needs to be the right size and height for you. Ergonomics are important as you will spend many hours at your desk. It is very important that your desk and chair are set up so as not cause any harm to your neck, back and wrists. Measure the space you have and find a desk or workstation that will fit. Browse online at to find a desk that suits your needs. It will save you time as well as petrol money.

Desk Chair

Your desk chair is all-important. This is the one essential item that you should be prepared to blow the budget on. Make sure your chair is the correct height for you to sit at your desk and operate your computer with your forearms at a 90 degree angle from your elbows. Your arms should be straight and you should not have to lower your arms or raise them to use your computer. The chair should also have lumbar support and be designed for correct posture. The money you spend on a good chair will save you time off with a sore back. If your chair is comfortable you will be much more inclined to study and to stay studying than if you have a backbreaker.

Desk Lamp

The other essential is a good desk lamp. Do not rely on natural light or overhead light when studying. A good well-positioned lamp will save you from eye strain and headaches. Desk lamps are not expensive to buy or to operate. Open curtains or blinds to allow in as much natural light as possible during the day time and put your overhead light on at night. The desk lamp is not designed to be your main source of light, but rather to focus additional light where it is needed.


You will need a bed. As space is probably limited it may be best to opt for a single bed or a king sized single to create extra floor space for your study. Test the bed out for firm support before you buy it. A soft bed is not good for your posture and combined with long hours sitting at your desk may cause you to get a sore back.

A Chair to Relax In

Buy a comfy chair that you can relax in. Don’t use your desk chair for this.