One of the hottest movies to-date is Warcraft: The Beginning. As it expected, the movie has been received with mixed reviews and opinions, but for us, the movie did well. It may not have covered the true beginning of the Warcraft lore, but it did start at an interesting point that was not too deep into the story of Warcraft for uninitiated to get hooked by it. The movie, was a solid 8/10, but this is not a movie review.

The Story of Warcraft is broad

And when I say the story of Warcraft is broad, I really mean that the story is broad. It covers the creation of the universe itself, different worlds and planets, different races, etcetera. Just even a narration of the Warcraft Lore (updated 2014) is taking over 40 minutes (still, with details here and there left out)

If you’re interested in having a more completed and detailed overview into the Warcraft saga, feel free to watch the video about the lore of Warcraft below.