I wonder, if there is no ending to this issue on the world wide web. Yes, news spread from one site to another and are being carried throughout the world wide web like a flash, but, do we need to reproduce exactly the same thing like other websites do?

I’m talking about those shameful copycats who are desperate after the money that they could earn from stealing others content, and are eventually even being praised by their respective readers (who are not really aware of the trickery behind the scene). There are tons of websites with only a few news to be posted everyday, but, won’t you get bored seeing the same odd thing on every blog? Yes, it appears to be absolutely true that more than 80 percent of the world wide web is just being copied from other websites and sources and passed on, until the original author isn’t anymore recognized.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but Google often let’s the clone version rank higher than the original post which isn’t very fair if you would ask me. Is there no stopping to this copy and pasting issue that is quite rampant and dominant on the web right now? We, I and Kevin have been following a lot of blogs via our Google Reader lately, and noticed that it’s either Starmometer, ABS CBN or PEP that get the news out first, and the other blogs totally identically follow after a couple of hours, often times only in a few minutes.

Are you kidding me? Those people earn a lot of money from the copying and pasting that they are doing, and that is reality! Imagine, how hard people worked so hard to come up with a nice story to make it to Google’s first page of search terms, but ending up being copied and buried by the competition who know nothing but reproduce an identical version of whatever the origin source has come up.

I have to admit, we’ve gotten some of our ideas from other websites and a few lines of information, but we do our best to make our news and entertainment section look as original as possible, without having any sentence copied and pasted from another website. The idea from the news in general goes into our posts, while the construction is our own; I don’t understand why other people just can’t do so too.

I only thought that those money hungry people, self-proclaimed pro-bloggers, are the only kind of bloggers that goes to our list of dislikes, but there’s another breed rapidly growing, those are the ones who again, repeatedly over and over again, know nothing better but plagiarize the work of other people, whike ranking better, while being praised, while getting all the hits, and earning from it.

There must be something done now, and quickly, before not only our inbox gets spammed from Promotions and truly Senseless Point Less Annoying Messages, but the whole blogoshpere being infected by these nuisance writers.