This is a important notice that everyone should stay away from which a huge pain to the ass of many bloggers, and a new victim has been a fellow Filipino Blogger of ours. Their prices are cheap, and you get what you pay for, crap. There’s nothing good about their service and the hosting service itself.

Not a even a single wordpress installation nor a punbb could withstand  that hosting, even if picking the most expensive hosting that they offer, your site will, and will be shutdown after time. This time, the reason was high server over load, what a corny reason to keep a website down for 3 consecutive days and longer? Based on my experience with the webhost that we are currently using, the staff is so kind to inform me what is causing the high server overload and tell me how to get rid of the high sever overload which may be caused by cron-jobs and a couple of WordPress plugins. (since we are talking mostly about WordPress here).

But that’s not yet the end of the story, did you also know that is partly scamming people now too? I guess you don’t know, and this live chat log posted by the victim can verify it:

rai: All payments to 3iX are non refundable (unless covered by 30-day Money Back Guarantee). This includes any setup fees and monthly fees regardless of usage.
LiveChat2: correct so when did you first signup with us
LiveChat2: calculate from that day 30 days and let me know when the 30 days ended
rai: not november
LiveChat2: Do you understand when it says 30 day money back guranteed ?
rai: I am not asking to refund the initial $12
rai: I am asking you to refund what I paid for the upgrade
rai: $28.10
rai: which is why I asked for downgrade
rai: show where it says that payment for upgrades are not covered by the guarantee
rai: When you say all payments, it includes the upgrade
rai: the invoice was issued april 6
rai: that is the refund I want to get
LiveChat2: You get refunds only if the hosting account is in 30 day money back guarantee and not otherwise
LiveChat2: Please get it clear for yourself
LiveChat2: else every client would be upgrading and downgrading
rai: the upgrade is considered a different purchase
rai: because the first was just a $12 purchase
rai: I asked if i need to buy another package
rai: and your smart salesperson said i can get my account upgraded
LiveChat2: no upgrade is of an existing plan not of a different domain
LiveChat2: so its not a different purchase
rai: who also told me that 20 days is still applicable
rai: 30*
LiveChat2: no upgrade is of an existing plan not of a different domain , so its not a different purchase
rai: these problems occured when I upgraded my account
rai: I was quiet during the time prior to the upgrade
rai: you guys are unbelievable
rai: can you give me where it says that upgrades are not covered by the refund?
rai: because as I understand, when you say all payments, it means all payments made within 30 days are refundable
LiveChat2: Do you understand when it says 30 day money back gurantee ?
rai: if this is what you can give to your clients, then I am very disappointed with you
LiveChat2: neways I have made everything clear , you can come back on chat if you lead to a conclusion
LiveChat2: you will not be refunded for the upgrade

How more mean could they be? Obviously, she (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m referring to the victims site owner) has been tricked by the Sales Man she has spoken to, that instead of applying for a new account, she should grab the upgrader, which will lead to the conclusion that the account is verified not to be of new purchase, but a upgraded account, meaning that the said account payment will not be refunded.

What the heck is that?
They are wise, but is that hosting company wise enough to escape all the disputes and complaints that more and more people are publishing online? I don’t think so. And, I’d be likely someone who wants to help in getting that site nailed from snatching money from other people.

Why did I say snatching money?
Let’s view the situation from this angle.
User subscribes, upgrades = a year of weary load for the host. So, they just shut you down for the reason that you over load the server. I wonder how many websites are hosted by them, to not be able to host a simple wordpress blog, I could understand this case if the blog would have millions of unique views per day, but that’s not applicable right now.
Nah nah nah.

So guys, everybody,