Pinoy Teens was one of the most popular blogs then, it still is, and always shall be. Year 2013 is going to be all about expanding our presence in both the online and offline world and creating content that’s not only useful to our readers, but possibly future proof as well. Meaning, content that we are going to write about – aside from those monotonous but admittedly highly traffic sucking entertainment articles – will be evergreen.

What does Evergreen Content mean? It means that we’ll do our best that our posts, just as stated above, will not just be useful for our today’s reader base, but for our future readers as well.

Here are some of the things that we changed to start 2013 with:

  • 4 Contributor accounts left – We have literally dozens of people register as contributors to Pinoy Teens – but they are not contributing anything. That’s why we decided to cut out all their access and expel them from our group. We can’t allow these bottlenecks to take us all down. The blog can only be as good as the average effort of the group is.
  • More clutter-free homepage – A little revamp has been done to our homepage as well.
  • Reorganized sub-blogs – Pinoy Teens is going to write about so many things in 2013, that’s why I personally reorganized our sub-blogs (categories) in a way that it won’t overwhelm us picking a topic to write about nor for the enduser picking what to read about. The most notable addition here is the Lifestyle and Gaming sub-blog that I hope to see a spike in activity in.

So, what’s in store for the first couple of months in 2013?

  • Establish New Blog (
  • Refit of Pinoy Teens (Design Enhancement, Content Modification)
  • Creating of Presentations (To be used in our talks over the course of the year)
  • Looking for Major Site Sponsors
  • Fortify Presence on Social Networks: Twitter & Facebook
  • Start of Evergreen Content, in niches such as: technology, education, teenage problems, lifestyle

Those who think that Pinoy Teens is heading down the drain, Pinoy Teens is in fact getting better and better as time passes by. 2013 will be the year of Pinoy Teens.