2016 is shortly upon us. Year after year, since taking off to our record breaking run in 2009 (almost 1 million visitors), Pinoy Teens has been on a huge decline. 2015 has been no different in that aspect. In terms of traffic, the blog has sustained just about the same amount of pageviews and visitors than last year. This is a slightly surprising feat, give that in 2015, only 15 articles have seen the light of day. Still, the sheer lack of traffic and activity on the website is highly alarming. It has been 2–3 years now since the last time the website has seen a 6-digit year-end traffic count.

Hovering above its lowest point

The fact that Pinoy Teens has had more pageviews and visitors in 2015 than in 2014 looks good on paper. It is far from good, however. Truth be told, the statistics point out that the website is just barely hovering above its lowest yearender.

June as the breakout month

Yet again, June has racked up the most visits this year. It’s almost always been the case, save for the 300,000 May of 2009. The reason why June has been so successful boils down to our school articles, particularly our “What is the meaning of Economics” post which incoming college students are looking up at the start of each school year. It’s a strong sign that we should continue providing school related content since articles like these are considered evergreen content. Evergreen, meaning they can stand on their own. They do not lose their value unlike entertainment posts whose value declines just even after a couple of days, or at the longest, a few weeks.

What to expect for 2016

As always, we’re being positive. We’re hoping that 2016 will be a better year. We will stop with just hoping, but will instead write more. There just needs to be more content, and more importantly, there needs to be evergreen content. The 2016 Philippine Elections are up, and we want to be part of the elections by providing objective, fair and just coverage of this historic event. On top of that, Pinoy Teens is turning 9 years old. That’s a looong way already, but it has only fallen off, like I said, since 2009. It needs to change. It just has to change.

And just like how change is coming to the Philippines in 2016, change will come to Pinoy Teens New Media as well.

My gut feel tells me that 2016 will be a good year. Despite all the hindrances that abound the website, despite yours truly and Kevin being busy with our studies, we will find a way through it and most certainly, we will be publishing more than just 19 articles.

Our target for 2016? Break the 4,000,0000 visitors barrier at last.

There’s only one way to go to and that is going up.