Let me present to you the latest reality-based Talent Show of TV5, Star Factor. Unlike any other, Star Factor promises that it won’t just be a talent search, but the quest in finding a new star amidst the 13-18 years old range. Audition have started at SM Manila last July 25, 2010 and are in Davao this very day I’m writing.

The people behind Star Factor know well that it is easy to find new talents, but it’s hard to make them endure in the highly competitive showbiz scene nowadays.

They also noted at the same press conference that they’d make sure whoever ranks top among the participants in Star Factor will gain full attention of the network in becoming the next idol of the masses of the said age range. Reason why they assure so is because TV5 does not have a lot of shining stars in the given 13-18 age group and would like to develop a few names in those ages. And probably you, or your son and daughter could be the right people to take that spot!

TV5 promises to work on all aspects of entertainment with the contestants in various workshops. Meaning it won’t only be all about acting, singing or dancing, but also about stage ethics, stage parents, how to confront the media and the like. They have chosen some of the best mentors in the field of entertainment to ensure that this batch of future stars will truly become stars of the future.

Viewers Participation has been highly questioned, too. Unlike in the other reality-based TV Shows, Star Factor wishes to give way to the judges to rank the teens accordingly. This is to avoid any bias from the masses which often has become a issue. “The rich will pursue, but the poor with no fan base will go down” which has often, if not always behold truth. Unless you’re a Melai or Jason.

Star Factor will be aired once or twice during weekends with updates about the teens on weekdays. It will be a 14-week long journey of drama, entertainment, acting, dancing and more of the like.