We have reviewd snapbomb some time back on our old database, and a more recent review about the said company is still available at randomposts.net. The site has been verified as a SCAM site, according to our administration.

We have written several reviews for them, but never got paid for a single one, even at the end of the month, nor received any feedback from them; I doubt that there are so many people using that service that after a month of waiting, they still couldn’t send us a little message about the reviews that we have written, just like this one.

We strongly suggest everyone to stay away from that company and move to a better one, like sponsored reviews for example, because the payment there is much much better and quicker, and everything is just a little bit more controlled.

This is not a paid nor sponsored review. Buta public notice made by Philippines #1 Teen Site, Pinoy Teens Online! 😮

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