SM City Davao is the 24th SM Super Mall to get wireless internet connection, mall wide. Bloggers, press and photographers were invited to the launch last October 31, 2009.

Greetings to all of you, we write the 31st of October, 2009. It is the day we all know as Halloween. People from all over the Davao City and its very provinces head to SM City Davao for common reasons, to enjoy, to have fun and to shop. But there is this small gathering of people who are here for other reasons. The new media geeks, photographers and bloggers are here at the SM City Davao Cyberzone to witness the official launch of the proudly Mall Wide Wireless Internet Access here at SM City Davao.

The strong WIFI connection reaches all floors and extends towards all corridors of the malls, from left to rights, to its fronts and the back, up and down. It’s a true mall-wide wireless internet connection which is very strong indeed. Except in places like parts of the Department Store, the whole Grocery Store and the cinemas (oh yes, I tell you I was there and tried it)

Aside from the smooth internet connection that we have here at the mall, we also got free lunch at various fast food chains and restaurant here in SM, and the pick that we had was from Pizza Hut.

The food that was served to the three of us was pretty decent, no it was actually very good indeed. We got good service and had our stomachs full. We were served with the 99 pesos meal that comes in three variants.

Aside from the Super Panalo Meal that has almost filled my stomach to its limit, the friendly staff offered us their best seller, a best seller for good reasons. The Cheesy Pops, 24 Pullable pops with mozzarella and cheddar!

What I like most about eating here in SM Davao, specifically at Pizza Hut is that the wireless internet was very strong down there, one fact that really made me smile.

The Mall Wide WIFI project across all 26 SM Super Malls looks to be one revolutionary moves that other companies might come to copy. It truly signifies and strengthens the fact that the Philippines is getting a more and more connected nation. So, it isn’t only facebooking and blogging that is making its waves in the Philippines, but also internet in general 🙂