Are you using Tumblr? Would you like to stand out from the crowd and go by a more unique name than say, – but don’t have money to buy your own domain? Worry no more and be ready to show to the world that you are Proudly Pinoy!

For a limited time, we allow interested Tumblr users to utilize subdomains of Pinoy Teens for use at Tumblr! Show to the world that you are a Pinoy Teenager by getting a unique tumblr URL that stands above the average folk!

## Get today!

You get to keep all your content of your Tumblr of course and can go about it however you want – all that’s going to change is just the URL that users see.

We’re opening 50 slots only for requests to use our domain, as subdomains at Tumblr and it’s up to you if you go with something fancy, with your name or whatever blog name that pops up in your mind – it will always look cool if it ends with specially if you’re proud to be a Pinoy Teen!

Contact us now to reserve your subdomain

Visit our Facebook Page and send us a message. Express in the message, that you intend to use with your Tumblr account and state which subdomain you want.

Uulitin ko. Kahit ano pwede! Gawin mo man itong or ano pa man ang gusto mo!

Sample site:

Subdomains will be activated for life and select Tumblr Users will receive a free domain name from us after a certain period of time depending on the quality of content they provide.

So what are you waiting for? Go na!