Actually, I should be studying and worrying about what would come up in the Monthly Examination tomorrow, yet other stuffs are worrying me, like the server load that I’ve been experiencing lately. I wonder, if I am causing it or any of my hosting sites is causing it. For this reason, I have disabled 23 suspected server abusing hosting accounts on my free hosting service, with only 2 websites coexisting at present on the said host that I’m offering.

For an instance, these problems like studies and server problems have constrained me from sending comment love back to my readers’ blogs and to respond to your comments, emails and drops. I’ll follow up with all those stuff this week end, I promise. As for another point, like most of you entredroppers know and like the post title says it, EntreCards has made partnership with SezWho, one of the leading Comment Chuva which I do really need to learn about yet. I wonder if adding the plugin for this one on my blog will ’cause server load or will pull up the comment rate which is quiet awesome anyway right now, with over 1,500 comments posted on our 381 articles published.

Update: So far so good, I don’t see any differences in the server and its performance, everything runs smooth and easy as of now, again, the server load is back under the normal 1.56