For those of you who haven’t yet experienced this cinematic adventure, now is the time put down anything in your grasp, put everything on hold, clear up any misunderstandings, and say goodbye to everyone you know. Because when you sit down in that cinema and watch possibly the best thriller ever produced this decade, before you know it, your mind will be blown. Not just the surprise-grenade-out-of this-country blown, but the nuclear-missle-explosion-out-of-this-world blown. You will feel disoriented. You will feel breathless. You will feel confused. The first words that will be murmured (or screamed) in the theater, give or take deragatory language, will consist of: “” “What just happened?” “I have been completely and utterly mind****ed.”

Well, let’s break this down shall we? What exactly is inception?

inception: noun : an act, process, or instance of beginning

You can take this Webster’s Mirriam Dictionary definition or you can take this one:

Inception: noun a conceptual, paradoxical thriller directed by Christopher Nolan (the man who brought blockbusters such as “The Dark Knight” and “Momento” to worldwide audiences) starring Titanic’s Leonardo DiCaprio, The Dark Knight’s Michael Cain, and Juno’s Ellen Page (to name a few of the many familiar faces of Hollywood).

Already, Inception has recieved extremely positive reception, grossing over $227.6 million dollars, climbing to the top of the American box-office, and rating 87% by Rotten Tomatoes. Genuisly innovative and brilliantly high quality, the graphics are overwhleming. A second, minute or hour has never been captured so meticulously in such magnified detail. With Inception, familiar actors forge a new claim to fame.  Not to get into too much detail with the plot (spoilers will definately spoil this movie), Nolan does a remarkable  job of making complex concepts simple for auidences but with this had to sacrifice some sparkle of the movie’s full effect.  Some movie critics complain that the story is generally laid full out flat on the table, without any twists or turns, leaving the viewer anticipating the events rather than wondering what comes next. In retrospect, Inception is rather like a maze of intricate complexity that engineer Nolan guides the viewer through smoothly in approximately 2 hours.