It is the first time that we’re tackling such a scale topic as this. Politics. RP 2010 is closing in, the 2010 Philippine Elections. The year that is about the bring change, change in the administration, and the leaving of what many people consider, tyrant PGMA.

The news about the political situation here in the Philippines is crazy. An ousted president publicly expresses his wish to run for president once again to lead the nation of 92 million Filipinos. A very promising icon for presidency has changed his mind and instead supports his co-party member with the objective to claim the presidential spot. Imelda Marcos wishes her son Marcos Jnr to reach for a higher position (ex. president) in 2010. All this news, all these views, all these opinions. But this shouldn’t be the highlight on television and the news.

The Nation continuously suffers

Philippines Poor
Current President of the Philippines is involved in controversial issues, like the very expensive dinner she had during her stay in the United States. So has the Arroyo family as a whole been put to deep controversy with issues like undeclared property purchased abroad. These talks still don’t really matter the most, and even if there’s truth behind these accusations, who would really care?

There are millions of people who are suffering, and I bet none of them minds what is going with the politics, but would rather be helped instead getting involved in talks about the future of the country, and that is where the real issue starts.

People get blinded by the Media

Many movies have showcased how easily people can get manipulated by mass media, talk about Echelon, Angels and Demons and District 9 to name a few. We shouldn’t be another victim. W. Revillame has been a victim, when he voiced out to have either his show or the funeral stopped airing at the same time on the television sets of people at home. Whose fault was it? Revillame? Or, rather Abs-Cbn’s? Come to think of it and look outside of the box. It was for moneys sake that abs-cbn has put up the noon-time show, and tribute for the late president to have the funeral streamed, but hey, that’s wrong. That’s totally wrong. And who do we accuse after all? Willie Revillame, because that is what the media says, and prominent media people as well.

We should be careful about whom we’ll vote this coming elections. We should look outside of the box, and beyond the scope that media covers to show to ourselves the candidates we’re pointing at to lead our government. Don’t be blinded, and don’t just stare but think while looking around. The 2010 elections are very near, and we’ve really nothing to lose anymore, but everything to win.

All the talks but no actions

It’s very annoying to note that Erap, N. Aquino, M. Roxas and their likes are promoting and voicing out to the world that they would like to lead the nation, but don’t server in deeds. I challenge all of them to stop promoting, and instead get to work to help the poor people who are in need. Okay, you’ve got a point there when you say that Manny Villar is helping out at some places and in some cases, but that doesn’t look like voluntary help, rather, it looks like he’s up promoting himself and expecting a boost in popularity and the loyalty of the people in return for what he has done.

It’ll be tremendously visible to our eyes how each candidate is going to brainwash the people. Helping on one side, and then on the other side, and then letting everyone know what he’s done. It’s not right. You don’t to help and shout it out to everyone, you help and ask nothing in return, not even a second on national television that’ll tell people of what you did. Well, it’s hard to know who has done what if we don’t know about their deeds and actions for the poor people, the simple point is..

Don’t let their actions manipulate you, especially now, down the stretch as the elections are nearing where all of them will try to please everyone to gain the interest of the people, again, you have to look beyond their deeds of the present, look the path they’ve traveled, analyze and see, whether their journey and the credit they’ve earned is worthy to be crowned with the presidential seat of the Philippines.