Even the fiercest rivalries rest (for a while). Tropical Storm Ondoy forces Ateneans, La Sallite and other Universities, to unite for a cause to help flash flood victims in Manila.

One of the most criticized writers on Inbound Pass (spec. by Ateneans) sends a message to all Collegiate Basketball Enthusiasts in the Philippines. First, the first game of the UAAP finals has been postponed and now, we can witness rival schools unite for one cause, and that is to help the people in need, the unfortunate victims of the tropical storm Ondoy. The said typhoon might not be the strongest, but it marks as one of the most disastrous ones to have ever crossed Philippine borders, leaving over 300,000 people homeless with literally nothing but themselves to live on with.

Whole villages stood under water on the 26th September when Ondoy marched over Luzon, flash floods rising as high as the first floor of a ordinary building emerges in a matter of minutes. There was literally no escape for the Filipinos, but the rooftop of their houses, but even atop of these, there’s no assurance of their safety. You can check YouTube for the various videos showcasing the tragedy that Filipinos are undergoing right here, right now.

Sir Tony wrote a article urging readers and enthusiasts of the sport to settle down for a while, asking them to forget about rivalry, reminding them about certain things that are far more important than ball games, and it looks like that everyone has followed. Ateneo, La Salle, UST, all major, if not all schools gather around to help out the victims by the means of providing clothing, shelter, food and rescue operations for the missing people.

It’s a refreshing experience for me personally, to think that there’s no end in sight between the warfare of Ateneo and La Salle in various sports and educational fields. I was proven wrong, and I stand corrected with my thought. Could you believe it, two of the most fierced rivalries on earth agree on one thing, one common good, helping the needy.

With that said, I would like to inform all of you that the ball game between the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the UE Red Warriors has been postponed to the first of October, 2009.