I used to play RF Online for a couple of years now, but I’ve quitted playing the game since March, so has my bestfriend stopped playing the game for a couple of months, 5 long months to be exact. Now, being back in the world of Rising Force Online Philippines since 2 days, I’ve noticed a lot of changes. Might it not be political changes, in the perspective of the people who continue to govern the respective races on the respective servers, but it’s the gameplay in general.

I used to be very adventorous throughout every day I’m playing RF Online. My day would never be complete without a attack on the other camps using my Melee Mystic, dubbed as iBeLieVe, just a level 45 Bellato from Praxis. Now, back to the game play. Formerly, a couple of months back, each and every settlement used to be full with players who are preoccupied by their respective tasks. But, as I made my tour around Haram of Cora. I’ve noticed that there was no one around, maybe one or two people here and there, but that was all. Instead of adding some contribution points to my 146,572. I’ve lost 2,000 contribution points on that attack.

As I then opted to make use of my lowbie character, my Ranger Mystic dubbed as TheLastLegend, I went on training my range skills which have been left far behind. Formerly, I would come to fight for the monsters at the Solus Rex Area, but now, there are plenty of them. Which is certainly caused by the decrease of population in RF Online, which again, is due to the many bugs the game has right now, which Accretia, Bellato and Cora alike are taking advantage of. I went on PTing for about 3 hours with not even a single conflict with a fellow Bellato, or with any raider. AS then suddenly, a Bellato in Chaos mode run amok; killing all the lowbies that he could see around. But well, not my level 39. Instead of killing me with his Hora Spear using Pressure, Clout Chop, he misses. The repel squad was on it’s way, and I was very happy to assist them and sell the Amok Runner to them by casting entangle to restrain him from fleeing.

Funny how it is, there are still a couple of people who come to recognize me, who I really am. But well, after all, the RF Online Community is not the same anymore. It’s not as fun as it used to be 5 months ago, but, for sure, only the best are left, thus, the quality of the game play is still there, just a little lonelier.