We’ve had our thirteenth downtime ever since the Mindanao Blogger Summit and we’ve been forced to re-map our other Pinoy Teens domain back to our WordPress.Com account just to be able to write a post for the curious ones on what has been going on lately.

The last post on our WPCOM blog was labeled as the tenth downtime post, yet here we are with the 13th downtime which is considerably the worse of all. Actually, the website wasn’t really down, but we were unable to login to our administration to moderate comments, check the stats and/or write new posts, it was really an awful time because it’s not only Pinoy Teens Online that has been affected but all the blogs across our hosting network.

I was about to fulfill a couple of my plans in creating a educational website, but it looks like I have to postpone all the plans again and think things over, whether to have it hosted as a sub domain here on Pinoy Teens (which would only add server load), or if I would have it on a separate domain and have it hosted on WPCOM. Either way would actually do and won’t really earn me money, who said that we’re after the money? Performance and content delivery is the key for us.

Kevin said, that he still has to publish a lot of posts and is way behind schedule already, and he is taking some rest right now to be fit to get his new laptop later this day. So far I understood, we’ll be having a few new blogs around the Pinoy Teens Community as sub domains here, a Video Blog, a Photo Blog and some other blogs that Kevin has thought about. I don’t have the complete list here.

One thing is for sure, we will continue to extend and broaden our discussion niche here to be able to accommodate more users and their respective interests.

NoyPiOnline and TeenPH will be also part of our revival mission of this very blog as both of them will reopen just before this year ends, of course, the content will follow in 2009.