Ramona Bautista may be on her way to Turkey very soon, probably as we speak already. That’s the hot news spreading like wild fire on Twitter at the moment, or well, the whole day already.

Tweeps truly despise the shocking and unexpected decision of Ramona Bautista to go to Hong Kong as confirmed by @gmanews “NAIA confirms departure of Ramona Bautista on flight bound for Hong Kong at 8:20pm today.” [posted last November 4, 2011]

There have been some odd yet funny hashtags being utilized by people who are closely following the Ramona Bautista issue; specially those who feel hatred towards her for being such a coward of leaving the country at this time.

Hot Tweets with #replacemovietitleswithRamona hashtag.

  • “#replacemovietitleswithRamona Pa-Ramona Activity 3.” by @ispeakthefame
  • “@mjpatindol Ramona St. Cloud #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithRamona”
  • “@IamLaraTorrella Drag Ramona To Hell (Drag me to hell) #replacemovietitleswithRamona”
  • “@bryan083192 My Ramona Girl (My Valentine Girl) #replacemovietitleswithRamona”
  • “@kriziaaaa Ramona sa Septic tank #replacemovietitleswithRamona”

What are YOUR most hilarious tweets about Ramona Bautista?