What makes you a great contribution to a forum? The activity you share or the wisdom you contribute?

I’ve been asking me this question lot of times over and over again. Me, personally, I like to have activity going rather than quality content, but after a good kick off, quality content should be implemented. I hate forum spammers and i hate spammers in general, I accept the fact that there is one PTeener who had access to our email list client and spammed people every 5 days, and I am sorry about it. (about 300 have been hit, so only minimal)

But let’s further get into the topic. Quality or Quantity? I know a lot of forums who have minimal posts only, but the content they present is excellent, likewise the way how they keep the discussion flow. I really hate it when people are discussing something nicely and properly, as someone then comes along the way and adds nonsense replies. That is what turns me off.

But in the other hand. Seeing those empty forums make a impression on me that that particular discussion board is not that active, which recommends me not to join. So, its really a difficult choice to take on which stand to be. Either way has its pros and cons, depending on one person’s likes and dislikes

But taking this topic more specific on a webmaster forum. Do you think that spammers are still that acceptable or that discussion content is what counts? It’s hard to predict what really matters, because everyone has different tastes. But as for me.

I tolerate no spam, no nonsense, no senseless discussion.

I choose quality.

How about you?

By: KevinPaquet.Com