I feel bad about the latest happenings in my school. A lot of my (specifically) classmates are getting into trouble, fighting against each other. Just yesterday someone got banged with a one hit K.O and today again someone has been gang banged. Both of them are my classmates, and both have been tripped courtesy of my classmates. It’s now a back to back adventure into the dark side of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

I used to be in trouble last year when I was still new in the school, but I never appeared to be gang banged by anyone, or to be hit by anyone severely. Although, I admit, I hated both of the guys that ended up with a bleeding nose, I do still pity them and regret why I haven’t stopped the other boys from hitting them. But, what can I do? Against the vast amount of PWC Guys hunting down the said “opposition”. I can’t do nothing, but enjoy watching the tragic situation from a pleasant distant scenery.

But what really makes me feel sad is that I don’t have a camera anymore. I haven’t lost it, I haven’t sold it, it’s just not charged and that for exactly a week now. I need the camera tomorrow for the presentation of ours, but what can I do with a camera that has no batteries? Absolutely nothing, but throw it to the ground, maybe?

I would’ve really liked to show to you how “astig” we, PhilWomenian are this school year. It’s yet to be the first quarter examination and things like this are happening already. I wonder who’s next on the list? Yet, I also have to say that they didn’t do all that without a valid reason, because they really have.

Wala lang. I just want to share a bit of the things that are going in school, or should I say after school. XD