I had in mind to post about the Philippine Women’s College of Davao Sports fest here on Pinoy Teens Online or at the soon-to-rise BuhayKabataan.Com, but a couple of obstacles made me change my mind. (some of these obstacles also kept me away from the publish button for my Mindanao Bloggers Summit post)

Yet the major reason why I won’t be able to deliver the whole sports fest event in a natural way as it is, is because of one of the staff members of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao. Being let’s say a “advanced” (online) journalist, I tried to ask permission to go up on the stage and take pictures from there. Which she, disallowed me at all cost, or should I say all fame?

When I tapped her shoulder and asked her politely if I may take pictures from the stage, she answered back in high tone: “WHY?! FOR WHAT?!” Shocked, I responded that I’ll make use of these pictures for my website as an article entry. “WHAT FOR A WEBSITE?!” And again I had to politely answer back, “For my website po, my website.” “AH! PERSONAL BA YAN? WAG NA!”

Could you imagine being dumped like that? Kulang nalang idadagdag nya na, Ah! Personal Ba Yan? Wag Na! Di Kami Sisikat Dyan! Frustrated, I returned to my seat and deleted all pictures I have taken until that very minute. I find it hard to believe that faculty members of a school like the Philippine Women’s College of Davao act that way. What’s wrong of taking nice pictures anyways? It would boost both the reputation and popularity of the school which isn’t bad at all, is it?

If she would have really refused anyone to take pictures (which she did not), I wonder why she had to answer me with that tone and with those words. It’s as if they would only allow “known personalities” to take pictures of their “so-most-awaited ” *kuno” Sports fest 2008.

What I also came to think about is, what if I have told her that I’m running a Filipino Teen Site which is quite taking a stand in the Online blogoshpere? Or would that be too geeky for her? Anyways, it’s not my lost at all, it’s quite a time saver not to write about this useless event.

Why do I call it useless by the way? The intriguing encounter with Ma’am Echavez makes me feel confused, whether the sports fest is there for fame or for shame, either way, it imposes no good image at all.