The Philippine Women’s College of Davao Administration and Faculty can’t simply get rid of their perfection in being imperfection. Our Monthly examination (considered as Chapter Test in other schools, like Ateneo) is just a week ahead of us, scheduled on the second and third of December, yet the Administration decided to host a fieldtrip for the High School Students especially the Seniors, squeezing it inside the jam-packed schedule of ours.

The nonsense field trip is not the only thing that I was concerned about, but a lot of other things were part of the mind breaking thinkering of mine. All, courtesy of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao. Besides the field trip, a lot of other things came up which hinders me from studying, though, I have to admit that I haven’t showed my effort towards this third quarter yet, I’m always sleeping in class, yet I still manage to answer when it’s needed, it’s just that I don’t really participate that much anymore.

We’ve got a tons of projects on our ass that needs to be followed-up, like:

  • The C.A.T Community Program making
  • English Essay about Mandaya
  • English Research Paper
  • T.L.E Parol making
  • ART chuva
  • and even more

And let’s not forget to mention the examinations that I was talking about above. How can I handle all these things? How can I manage to keep blogging while studying? Well, I also wonder how I’ll be doing this. I’m blogging for the mean time, but I haven’t opened a book for some time.

Especially now wherein I would like to share to you my experiences during the 1 whole day field trip, which was actually a quite decent one, had the incident not happen before the rear ending of the day.

I will be posting some posts about every single destination that we went in single posts, so watch out for them to be posted here along with some pictures 🙂