I am very happy and proud to announce that the Philippine Youth Site, Pinoy Teens Online is opening its gate to all of you, again. In our last search for contributors for this blog, we’ve come to know the Teen Writers Clarissa Reyes, Princess Kaye Quin, Joseph Quin, Kaye Quin and of course Izy Mae Bautista, once an infamous personality in RF Online’s BBC Praxis servers.

We’re again looking for talented people like them to join the bandwagon of authors here at Pinoy Teens voluntarily. You could be the next one to have a post published on this blog, and maybe you could be the next big name that our readers anticipate to hit the publish button every now and then.

With over 900 real email subscribers attached to this blog who, on daily basis receive the latest articles on Pinoy Teens, I can confidently say that your post will truly circulate around the whole community that is committed to this blog site. From the loyal readers that we have, down to the core-community that has started the blog, expanding to people who find us and find your posts through search engines–there’s no escape and no excuse to not have any of your posts become one of the most talked about pieces on the web. It’s you who decide to be famous online or just contribute your daily happenings in the newly launched TEEN DIARY!

Anyone of any age can contribute to the blog and tackle topics like personal things (in the teen diary), technology, music, poems, whatever you want to share. Even parents can join in and contribute their articles and their thoughts about teenagers of the present generation and the like.

Don’t be shy, you don’t need any special talent, you just need to commit yourself to the website by the means of providing your articles and thoughts FREE OF CHARGE and (optionally) spread the word about Pinoy Teens so that we can cater to an even bigger audience of more complex variety. The future of Pinoy Teens Online doesn’t lie in the hands of yours truly who started it anymore, but on the interactivity of you, the community that’ll journey with us!

If you are interested to become an author, please leave a comment on this post with the following format:

Full Name:
Email Address:
Blog Site/Social Network URL (if any):
Content you want to write:
Improvements you thought for this blog:
Mobile (optional):
Yahoo! Messenger:

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