It’s good to know that brands like Cortal SQR and the Philippine Azkals, our very own National Team, are up for the challenge to promote Soccer/Football in the country.

They both believe that Soccer can become a sport in which we Filipinos can excel, if given proper attention and support to. Yours truly believes so as well.

I used to play Soccer for my small community back then in Germany, when I was about 6-10 years of age. I really love the sport and it’s not that difficult to learn. My favorite position back then (which it still is right now) was the left wing. I love sending in crosses into the middle of the park, which used to be a very good excuse for me to stay away from most troublesome center backs.

It’s mastering the sport, that can be a steep learning curve. Especially if you’re trying to work it out with people aged 18 and above.

Philippine Azkals Winger Yannick Tuazon nailed it when he said that Soccer should be taught to children of young age. He doesn’t mean to discourage people of all age to engage with the sport, no, but it makes more sense teaching the young to ensure that our National Team will have very competitive, experienced and skilled players when these mature.

Though neither Cortal SQR and Philippine Azkals seem to have drafted a solid plan to follow on how to promote the sport, it’s very good see them trying to make some noise, make people aware that Soccer is here to stay.

Soccer can be played by people of all ages, almost anywhere you’d like. Yannick was spot on when he said that you could just take a couple of stones and think that these are your goal posts. There’s no excuse for someone not to be able to do the sport really!

For those who are not aware yet, Cortal SQR is a pain reliever, a combination of both Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. This medicine can be attained OTC (over the counter) and does not require a doctors’ prescription. It is recommended though that you do not exceed recommended dosage.

Many people are yet unaware of this “in-15-minutes-effective” pain reliever, and yes, many people are yet unaware of the sport. It’s a good blend of two start ups getting together and rally for the common cause. Promotion of football

Which will hopefully lead the Philippines to the…

2018 World Cup! 🙂

Let’s just keep on supporting and promoting the sport! Remember, Cortal SQR, Alis Sakit, Alis Pain!