While Twitter is undesputedly still ahead of Plurk by some notches, the feature packed Plurk Community is bigger, brighter and more informative than what you see on your time line that can be pretty boring at times, when there’s no one plurking, or may be a unreadable mess when you have hundreds of friends who you don’t really know about. But don’t you think that this is generally the same thing on Twitter? Where you try to follow other people in order to be followed back by them? Where you follow others to get informative updates on certain topics that you like? Or let me mention the FunnyJoker who’s always up for a crack whenever you feel down? Of course, Twitter has its very own people to stand out, but sooner or later, that quality community won’t only last for Twitter but will move to Plurk as well, if in case it’s non existing as of this moment.

You can try and have a look at what the Plurk community has to offer and who among the users shares common interests with you on their latest time line updates. Like they have said, the community keeps growing and growing, and I believe that the quality of discussion grows too. Make no mistake when I say that Twitter can harvest a lot traffic for your blog, Plurk can do that as well, if you just know your way around it, it’s just like on the other micro blogging services, where you have to something to click, in order to benefit.

What I’m simply trying to introduce to you is the enhanced Search feature of Plurk, which allots you to search for all the recent plurks of other plurkers in the community about the certain field of interest you are searching about. You could go ahead and look for plurks that mention “mobile” or “number” if in case there is a pretty plurker who has left their numbers within a Plurk, you could check what the community on the Life on The Line network says about Swine Flu, the NBA playoffs or simply anything and everything that you’re lookin up to.

It doesn’t only shows plurks of your friends, but all the members who have talked about the topics that you are searching. It gives you a chance to draw closer to people with common interest, meet new friends and extend your circle of friends beyond the boardsers of friends you’ve known just by looking at other profiles, but searching for people you’ve got something in common.

After all, for those who still don’t know about Plurk, it’s time that you know more about it, or just simply proceed signing up and get your own Plurk account!