Judgment Day has come again. Davao City will stand the mighty power of the Atenean – Philippine Viewers combined forces. Can they withstand the opposition? Clearly, Davao City speaks for a voice of itself, being a very strong community and huge texting/voting capital in the Philippines.

With Nan as the only hope of the 3 Dabawenyos that have entered the house, definitely Davao will stand his back and support him. But will they succeed as desired? The Blue and White supporters and ROBIlievers of Robi, kept their hope alive throughout every eviction night wherein he is saved. Will he be saved this time around? No one can tell, but the eviction tonight. No one can say who will leave and who will stay, because both sides appear competitive.

Who is your bet though?

Place your bets now, and comment here, stating the person you want to stay and the one you want to leave. We will pick 1 lucky commentor and reward him or her with free load, just like we did a few days ago.

So, comment now!

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