Yay! I’ve won in a Free Premium Theme Contest that I joined some weeks back a free theme!! Actually, the winners of the contest where able to select from any premium/paid theme that is available in the whole world wide web and tell Jai about the specific theme that they would like to have. And he will buy a single user license version of that theme that you picked for absolutely no cost of you, provided that you’ll make use of it on your blog of course? (there ain’t be someone who won’t use a free premium theme if given the option to, eh?)

I’d like to congratulate my fellow winners of the contest, including another Filipino (who happens to be my friend). This win will change the ways stuff will be going on Pinoy Teens. I won’t move to my other domain anymore but do my best that we’ll be indexed by Google again, as apparently, something just went wrong there as I am checking my databases and everything a while ago and everything seems fine, no malicious code to see anywhere.

The theme that I have chosen is one of the Revolution Series one, Pro Media. It has always been my crush every since and that particular theme is the actual target of my new project, save money for a better look that I was about to apply unto my websites. Wherein I won’t buy anything on the internet anymore for until I’ll get the desired theme that I want, but now, I’ve got it for free and will soon install it on this website 🙂

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