The very first Mindanao Blog Awards 2013 was held last night at Marco Polo Davao. Bloggers all over Mindanao went and joined together for this wonderful event. Different awards for different categories were given to the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners of special awards and major category awards!

Most especially, congratulations to Olan Emboscado of The Travel Teller for winning the Best Travel Blog 2013! Pinoy Teen’s Lead Contributor, Kevin Paquet received the award and gave a speech in behalf of The Travel Teller.




A win for The Travel Teller and Pinoy Teens VIP √

The Travel Teller was really worthy to be recognized as the Mindanao’s Best Travel Blog of 2013. He wanders to different places not just because he can, but because he loves to. He is dedicated to share all the beauty and wonders of every places that he had stepped in to.

This win in particular is special for Pinoy Teens VIP √ as well, because whenever Olan’s The Travel Teller bags an award – may that be local or national – it feels like we were part of his achievement. Olan’s blog is hosted on our dedicated Pinoy Teens VIP √ server and was built from the ground up by our experts at Pinoy Teens. Of course, 95% of the credit goes to Olan Emboscado himself, but part of it is definitely because of the foundation he’s built his blog on, and that is, again, Pinoy Teens VIP √

Anyways, he was really chosen for this.

I am looking forward to see his next journeys! Padayon sa paglambo The Travel Teller!