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Georg Kevin Paquet

Georg Kevin Paquet

Lead Contributor / Developer

Georg Kevin Paquet, along with Rhea Sylvia Dimpas make up the duo that runs Pinoy Teens VIP √. Being in the blogger scene for over 10 years makes Kevin one of the veterans when it comes to Social Media and Web Development. There’s no better guy to get that him!

Web Development

If you need help with your website, let us know. We can create beautiful, easy to use and user friendly websites for you at an affordable and reasonable priced package.

Social Media

Need help with your online presence? We’re here for you. We can blog for you, manage your social media presence and more. Just let us know what you need and we shall deliver it.

Guest Speaking and Workshop Hosting

The Expert

You don’t want your crowd to be misinformed. Things change fast on the interwebs.  We’re here for you. Hire an Expert to do the talking and enlighten your audience about the topic you wish us to tackle.

Talking Engagements

Time Is Gold

Time is Gold. We value your time. We value the time of your audience. Even more so, we value the effort of whoever reaches out post-talking engagement in need of help. We’re always open for you!

People Engaged

Down To Every Detail

Tinkering with the finest detail and showing step-by-steps processes is what we specialize in. Need someone to teach your people about WordPress? Starting an online presence? We’ll give them a head start!




We’re always ready for any questions or chitchat you have for us post-talking engagement. We’re there to help you, support you and make your audience grow. We don’t just ditch away right after!



Sample  Talks Hosted

  • Software Freedom Day 2008 (Blogging and WordPress) – University of Mindanao
  • Software Freedom Day 2009 (Blogging and WordPress) – University of the Immaculate Conception
  • Software Freedom Day 2011 (Blogging and WordPress) – Ateneo de Davao University
  • PSITS Pagadian Regional Conference (WordPress and Blogging) – Pagadian City
  • Interface Computer College I.T Week (Making Money Online) – Interface College of Davao
  • BSBA Seminar 2012 (Making Money Online) – San Pedro College of Davao
  • IT Festival (eCommerce, Web Development, WordPress) – Philippine Women’s College of Davao
  • eCommerce Talk 2019 – Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School
  • the next could be at your event!

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Hassle-Free Website Management, Hosting and Development


Away with ridiculous license fees and complicated software. We use WordPress for most of our clients needs because it’s open source, cost-effective, easy to use and very scalable.


One on One Service

We don’t take on too many clients. We take just enough that we can handle. Pinoy Teens prides itself in being able to provide quality one-on-one service and face time with all its clients.

Visitors Per Day

Quality Managed Hosting

Pinoy Teens VIP √ intends to provide you with quality hosting service. We’re here to help you jumpstart your online presence. We take care of everything online, so you can focus on everything else.



Best Price in Town

We don’t ask ridiculous fees. We’re open for negotiation and often consider the type of business we are catering. Rest assured, we’re offering our services at the best price in town!




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