We are glad to announce that we, Pinoy Teens Online are now proudly supporting Rona Libby and her fans mission to survive in PBB Teen Edition Plus.

We know, that it’s a tough battle between NICOSEF and the RONATICS, either she or Nicole. that’s one thing for sure. But, let’s set the nomination and eviction tally aside and move deeper into the thought of this article. We, the pinoy Teens Online Network are proud to announce a new partner in our blog ring, a site that we are sponsoring and hosting again, which can be found at RONATICS dot COM! The official website for the RONATICS.

We have voted a lot for Rona already, and we are still fearing tense if all that was enough, or if more votes are needed still. But one thing is for sure, like we’ve mentioned it before. What ever happens, RONA will STILL BE OUR IDOL and EXAMPLE to the FILIPINO YOUTH!