The biggest news since our move from Strong Hub to Sharkspace/Eleven is out. This very blog, the flagship site of the Pinoy Teens New Media is moving on to a new hosting environment, moving on to WP Engine!

Even though people would argue that WP Engine is indeed a quite pricey web host, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this should be the route of Pinoy Teens. should get only the best kind of hosting, and after thorough research, and a little argument with myself and colleagues, I decided to make the move to WP Engine a reality.

There had been a few other hosts that I considered, like WP Oven, Dream Hosts’ Dream Press and last but not the least, Synthesis.

Yet what really drew me to WP Engine was, that a handful of bloggers that I look up to are on board, and that the reputation of WP Engine seemed to be placed a bit higher than of the other hosts listed.

The WP Engine Advantage

On the top of my head right now, here are some of the advantages since I moved to WP Engine.

  • It’s FAST not to say that my former host was ‘slow’, but seems to be fast, and that consistently which has not always been the case with the other host.
  • It’s SECURE no more worries about malware, I guess, since that’s something that the cool folks at WP Engine are gonna have to worry about! (Just right now, I’m cleaning all 12 sites that are on my Eleven2 account because of some malware shizz)
  • It’s PREMIUM Pinoy Teens deserves only the best. And WP Engine is certainly one of the best Managed WordPress Hosting choices that can make!

If you want to level up your WordPress experience, there’s no better way to go to but with WP Engine!

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