Plurk has always been one of the biggest resource of our incoming traffic. That’s a fact that hasn’t changed over the last 2-3 years, or how Kevin would like to put it, the last 1236 days. Yes, that’s how old his/our Plurk account is.

PLURK is <3

It’s no secret that many of us resort to Plurk more often, rather than Twitter. For one, it’s because Plurk seems more engaging and accommodating to our [main] target audience, which are teens and tweens ranging from 14-21 years old. Secondly, it’s just that we just don’t get the hang out of Twitter at the moment. We’re working on it though!

Kevin has been hooked on to Plurk like forever, from the moment he started using the Social Network. Evenmore so in 2009 when something life changing happened to him, because of using Plurk.

We take our Plurk audience seriously

Kevin is on a decent (not good :p) start in utilizing Plurk again as one of our resources of incoming traffic. It’s very important that we engage further with the community on various social networks, specially due to the fact that we’ll carry on the name Pinoy Teens New Media this 2012.

We’ll make the said social network as our HQ of all Social Media stuff going on. To ensure our audience on Plurk that we’re taking them serious and that Pinoy Teens is indeed, a legitimate site for information, entertainment and education, we applied for the VERIFIED status on Plurk. I’m happy to tell you, that our Plurk account managed by our founder has indeed become one of the select few Verified accounts on Plurk at the moment.

Tip: We’ll run some contests exclusive for our Plurk Friends and Fans soon!

So don’t forget to sign up for Plurk now!