The Davao Bloggers (the most-hyperactive and one of the most organized blogging groups in the country, just so you know) Officers have come up with a big event this coming September 21- 23, 2012. Co-presented by the U.S Embassy, I’m proud to introduce you to the Blog Weekend Bootcamp!

“Blog Weekend Bootcamp is a 3-day live-in conference with intensive hands-on workshop (Blogathon) that delves into the facets of blogging, creative writing, video blogging, photo blogging and Social Media. It is an excellent opportunity for bloggers of all skill levels to learn the best blogging and Social Media practices while utilizing the available tools for creating an effective online presence.”, as #sottorized from the event’s website.

The Blog Weekend Bootcamp, the first of its kind here in the Philippines, aims to bring together both professional and wannabe bloggers under one roof for them to learn more about blogging and all the other more complex aspects to it like: Creative Writing, Photoblogging, Video Blogging and so forth. In its first iteration, the Organizers of the Blog Weekend Bootcamp target around 50 to 80 participants.

For those who don’t know what’s going to happen at the Blog Weekend Bootcamp, let me give you just some spoilers on how things will be like…

Blog Weekend Bootcamp – Davao activities

  • First off, you, along with the other participants of the BWB will be conveniently picked up at some place yet to be announced in Davao City for a free ride to the venue of the the Blog Weekend Bootcamp which happens to be Malagos.
  • On day one, you get to socialize with other participants – it’s best if you bring some cards or some notebook where you can take down the blog URLs and other contact information of the other attendees. This is the perfect time to make acquaintances with both pro and new people in the field of blogging and social media.
  • Day 2 – which is actually the day where most of the activities are going to be held, marks the time when you guys are going to be split into different groups, of course, mixed up with both old and new bloggers. In the afternoon of day 2, there will be an activity which requires teamwork. 🙂 But before we get that far, you’ll get to enjoy and learn in the morning from the different speakers prepared for you who will discuss all sorts of things from basics stuff to the more complex ones.
  • Nah, I don’t really want to spoil you anymore… head over to the Blog Weekend Bootcamp site for more information about the event, and register here to be part of Philippines’ first Blog Weekend Bootcamp!