Yves and Myrtle trended worldwide on Twitter as Yves said: I can wait forever to Myrtle. Would they make a good love team?

I’m quite stunned at how easily these teenagers inside the Pinoy Big Brother House *fall in love* with each other. Looks like it’s nothing to be too surprised about nowadays. It seems like it’s an ongoing trend that it just takes less than 2 weeks to consider waiting forever for the one you love.

## Myrtle, binasted si Yves kahit ‘di pa nanliligaw.

Myrtle and Yves had quite a scene on National Television a while ago. Shown on TV was that private moment of the two of them, where Yves let go of what he’s said to feel towards Myrtle. But before he could spill the beans, Myrtle made it quite clear that she isn’t really looking for a boyfriend at the moment. Bummer!

**”I can wait forever” – Yves to Myrtle**

Yves, on the other hand, despite being quite busted by Myrtle’s previous statement, said that he can wait forever – insisting that what he feels for Myrtle is true. He supports his thoughts, his emotions by saying that if he’d cheat a girl, it would be like cheating to his own mother. It makes sense, but I’d say, “well played”, Yves.

### Yves and Myrtle Love Team

I hope that Myrtle steers clear of Yves for the mean time. I believe that it’s too early to consider stuff like this inside the PBB house. Yves may have other motives to it – because to be honest, I think it’s quite a bit rushed. No doubt, Myrtle is pretty, intelligent and all, but it still looks a bit rushed in my opinion.

But who knows? As this REALity show goes on, the audience might just get what they want, an Yves and Myrtle love team – but even the audience of Pinoy Big Brother Teens Edition 4 (#PBBTeens4 on Twitter) are quite unsure what to think about the scene. Opinions are rather mixed at the moment – both positive and negative.

Some might agree with what I wrote above, that Myrtle should brush off Yves right away and not fall for him, while other (female) audience couldn’t help but feel *kilig* about what they saw.

**”Yves to Myrtle” trends worldwide – #1**

One thing for sure though, is that todays episode of PBB on Philippine Primetime television has managed to sneak into the worldwide trending topics once again, most notable this scene of the two teen housemates I’ve been talking about. “Yves to Myrtle” has taken the top spot in worldwide trending topics moments after the scene has been aired wherein, I repeat, Yves said to Myrtle that “I can wait forever.”

What do you think about it? About the love team? About the two of them? That’s something that matters to me, and something that I’d love to know about in the comments below!