16 year old housemate Mariz of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (PBBTEENS4) has stunned the whole twitter community, making it to the worldwide trending topics in a blur.

But why did PBB Teen Housemate Mariz managed to shock everyone and make it on the trending topics list?

A lot has been said already about the present batch of housemates that have entered the Pinoy Big Brother House. Generally speaking, there won’t be many who would disagree with the thought that, many of the housemates are “malandi” or flirts in one way or another. Special credit goes out to my fellow *kababayan* from Davao City – Clodet who claims to have had 4 boyfriends already at the young age of 13.

Audience and readers of ours from the US or other countries for that matter might not be too stunned by that fact. Fact is though, that these are Filipino Teenagers, “Pinoy Teens”, that we are talking about which makes it quite shocking and unusual – according to (old) norms in this country. It’s clear, that many of these housemates seem not to make quite an impression on parents and youth alike. Many believe that they are “no good examples” to the youth that is watching them from the outside world.

But let’s not get too far from the topic.

Mariz: “My boyfriend is planning ahead, proposal, marriage and stuff like that.”

According to our very own housemate Mariz, her boyfriend, who’s sixteen years old, I repeat, sixteen years old as well has been planning ahead for the two of them. She reveals that there have been talks about proposals… engagements.. and marriage – but just between the two of them.

Her parents didn’t know about it yet – not until everybody else in the country knew as well.

For one, it may seem a little awkward, but on second thought, I think there’s nothing too surprising about that. It didn’t seem like she was totally into that thought yet. She managed to gain some ground when she said that ideas like marriage are quite far fetched for her yet, that plans like these are more likely to occur 12 years from now.

Nonetheless, it was a real shocker for the whole Filipino Twitter Community (and everybody else out there) who talked about Mariz. There’s got to be some noise you have to make, to make it to the worldwide trending topics list – and she definitely made some!