Without further ado, I think most of you are already well oriented about this latest issue going on inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. Claire, one of the most intriguing teen housemates is really getting hammered on social networks for her unforgiving attitude.

It’s got that worse, that people have started comparing her to previous PBB Teen Clash of 2010 housemate Tricia Santos – who had her own shares of intrigues, issues and criticism. But I beg to differ. True, I’m no fan of Tricia Santos (and even I can’t really believe what I’m about to say) yet, comparing these two is like comparing apples and oranges. They’re nothing alike.

Claire, is definitely much worse than Tricia Santos has ever been during her whole stay inside the PBB House – and that with only two weeks behind us right now. Now, speaking about “two weeks”… something that truly irritates me is how she claims to have fallen for Yves already. I know, it’s just as irritating as Yves claiming to have fallen for Myrtle which I discussed in an earlier post.

I didn’t react too much on that one, but the attitude and actions that went on display on National Television clearly speak for themselves. Claire is very jealous that Yves and Myrtle have something going on. She cries a lot to get the attention and sympathy of fellow housemates. She even calls Myrtle malandi (slut?) – some harsh statement that would’ve been a better fit if she’d said that in front of a mirror.

No wonder the outside world is hitting so harshly on her, demanding her to get evicted as soon as possible. She’s already got a bad name after the incident with Karen, but this time? She’s definitely crossed the line for many of the audiences. I know of none who is still supporting her, or truly defending her.

She may have got some looks, but that ugly attitude won’t get her anywhere but the outside world in no time.

What do you think?