Again a silent week has passed in the Pinoy Teens Online Office. But this PBB Teen Edition might just change that. Rumors are going around who those lucky teenagers might be that are going to enter the Pinoy Big Brother House for the 3rd and yet most exciting Teen Edition ever. Do you know who?

Sino nga ba’ng magka-clash?

A lot of speculations are going on, and fans of the said reality show are already starting to name names on who he or she could be. Still, there is a very high percentage of uncertainty that their suggestions might be correct as it’s just a rumor still. If you have closely been following the advertisements on national television network ABS-CBN, you might just get an idea what those teens might be like. Without further talk, talk, talk, here are a few clues on which we’d like you to comment on.

1. Simple Chinese-looking Girl
2. Mapormang Amboy from the Province
3. Half-American Hunk
4. Beauty Queen from Mindoro
5. Cutie Chinito / Male Pageant Winner
6. Commercial Model / Binatang Ama
7. Binatilyong Magaling sa Sales Talk
8. Teen na Calamity Victim ang Pamilya
9. Bibong Binata with a Part-Time Job
10. Big Boy / Basketball Player
11. Charming Volleyball Player
12. Hunky, Sporty Teen who is popular in his hometown

Please keep an eye on our dedicated PBB Teen Clash of 2010 blog on which we are going to post future updates about this year’s Teen Edition to avoid duplicate content. For the meantime, we are going to publish updates right here, on Pinoy Teens Online!

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