Read the Official Profile of PBB Teen Clash Housemate Yen Santos, dubbed as “Little Miss Sunshine ng Nueva Ecija”. Find more PBB Clash Updates below the profile, too.

Lillieyen Santos, known by the nick name of YEN is the lone participant from Nueva Ecija. She is 17 years young and comes from Cabanatuan City. She celebrates her birthday every November 20, and was born in the year 1992. She is one of decent looking housemates that I look forward to seeing on National Television and the live stream that we’ve subscribed to.

Official Profile Details of Yen Santos

She’s a head turner at her school. A lot of boys are after her, so they say. her Barkada was a very bad influence to her, who has thought her to drink, smoke, cut classes and some other unorthodox things. When she was caught by her parents about her dark side’s act, she’s been locked down as her parents kept a close eye on her ever since the incident.

She’s been one of the rare victims of school vandalism, on which haters would vandal “bitch” and “malandi” (flirty) referring to her; which her very own B.I friend has written. Until she graduated, her insecure “friends” would not gave in. But still, she just keeps ignoring whatever negativity about her, surrounds her.

Is she going to be one of the head turning ladies inside the PBB house or will it rain over our Little Miss Sunshine? Well, we’ll know soon!

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