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Patricia Mae Santos, is the pride of Davao, yet another Blue Knight (Ateneo de Dava) who is in the Pinoy Big Brother

Patricia Mae "Tricia" Santos

Patricia Mae "Tricia" Santos Photos

House for the second successive Teen Edition. I bet she’ll do better than Priscilla, but I might be wrong again. Nevertheless, she’s a beauty. Tricia was born in Manila, but her family moved to Davao to take over the business of her grandfather. She’s beautiful, and that’s why she’s well deserving of her title “Athletic Muse ng Davao“. Can she make the Dabawenyos proud again?

Official Profile Details of Tricia Santos

Tricia Santos is my fellow Atenean. Well, I used to school at Ateneo de Davao. I’m not sure whether she’s also attended Grade School at the Ateneo as her face looks very familiar, but I might be mistaken again. There is not much that I can share about her, as her profile information is very limited.

One thing that sounds bit interesting though is the fact that she dislikes spending much money. Well, spending money for senseless things. She wants to save her money to purchase something else, something that she wants. It’s a good character that she’s showing with that, being smart to save some money, but at the end it still gets shelled out. :p

She always wanted to get involved with ABS-CBN, and, at the age of 13, Tricia even tried to convince her mother to attend a Acting Workshop by Abs-Cbn, but failed. Which made Tricia act a bit rebellious at her young age, with deeds like going home late and hanging out with an older crowd. Her lifestyle is very active, aside from being part of the Ateneo de Davao Varsity Volleyball Team. Her height is at 5’7, which isn’t bad for our 14 year old Athletic Muse of Davao!

A few more details from Tricias’s profile…
Hobbies: Volleyaball
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Sinigang
Favorite Show: 90210
Favorite Actor: Enchong Dee
Favorite Singer: Colbie Caillat

Tricia Santos will be one of the main reasons why I’ll watch PBB and the Apartment House in specific. It’s very interesting to see how a fellow Atenean at Dabawenyo at the same time finds her way through the PBB season.

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