Read the Official Profile of PBB Teen Clash Housemate Shey Bustamente, dubbed as Diskarte Bombshell ng Mindoro. Find more PBB Clash Updates below the profile, too.

Rachel Anne Bustamante, or better known as Rach or simply as Shey is a 17 year young teen who celebrates was born

Rachelle Ann "Shey" Bustamante Photos

Rachelle Ann "Shey" Bustamante

on the 12th of February, 1993. She born in Hongkong, but her nationality says she’s a Filipina. There is something that we have in common with the Diskarte Bombshell of Mindoro, and that is our favoritism of Leche Flan among other deserts and delicacies.

Official Profile Details of Shey Bustamante

Pre-PBB Clash, Shey usually joined Beauty Pageants whenever she has the chance to. It is a funny thought that no one in her province likes to challenge her at beauty pageants anymore, which made her decide to move to Manila and join the Mossimo Bikini Contest on which she placed the first runner up. She also participated in Binibining Pilipinas 2010, but unfortunately didn’t made it to the finals.

At least, she’s in one of the two Pinoy Big Brother Houses, which makes her still, a very lucky girl. Whenever she makes it back to her province, it makes her more and more feel that her heart tells her to live in Manila, rather the province.

A few more details from Shey’s profile…
Favorite Color: Black, White, Beige
Favorite Show: Cheaters
Favorite Actor: Pierce Brosnan

Shey is one of the must-watch housemates from the Pinoy Big Brother Villa House.

Will the fellow housemates, and/or fellow PBB fans and audience be amazed by this 6-time beauty pageant winner? Or will the others be challenged and treat her as a threat for their own PBB aspirations? That’s what we’ll gonna find out day in and day out in the days to come!

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