Read the Official Profile of PBB Teen Clash Housemate Ivan Dorschner, dubbed as “Striking Stud ng Rizal”. Find more PBB Clash Updates below the profile, too.

Ivan Dorschner? What more can I say about Ivan Dorschner, aside from the obvious fact that he is one of the hottest hunks inside the PBB Clash Apartment, and among the whole batch of PBB Teen Clash housemates?

Ironically, his profile doesn’t contain much information. All that we know about him is that he has never nailed even a single girl yet.  According to PBBCOM, this hunk hails from the province of Rizal.

Ivan Dorschner, didn’t audition for PBB Clash 2010?

It is speculated that Ivan Dorschner didn’t audition for PBB Teen Clash 2010. Instead, he got discovered while participating in Wowowee’s Hep Hep Hooray segment.  I am uncertain about the reliability of this information, but if this beholds truth, it is very unfair for each and every teen who auditioned for PBB–no matter how good looking he is.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about something else about the Striking Stud ng Rizal. He is frequently being linked to Tricia Santos, a student from the Ateneo De Davao University and Davao’s pride inside the PBB House for this batch. However, their age gap makes it very unlikely to be seen as a feasible love team.   You may say that age doesn’t matter, but pairing a minor with someone of legal age doesn’t seem right in every angle you look at it. Tricia might be paired with someone else, while Ivan can be paired with another pretty girl from the House Apartment.  More about that in a future post.

Let me leave you with these few details about Ivan Dorschner. Whenever we get to know more about him, we’ll update this post to present a full profile to all of you. Please keep watching our PBB Live Blog for more information about PBB Clash 2010!

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