Read the Official Profile of PBB Teen Clash Housemate Angelo Pasco, dubbed as “Struggling Isko ng Antique”. Find more PBB Clash Updates below the profile, too.

Angelito S. Pasco, or better known as simply Angelo is a 18-year-old dude from Quezon City, Philippines. He celebrates his birthday every 26th September and was born in the year 1991. Like most guys, his favorite sport includes but is not limited to Basketball, as he is also someone who loves to play Sepak Takraw. I dislike the latter, but the first sport is one thing that we have in common with the Struggling Isko ng Antique.

Official Profile Details of Angelo Pasco

Full of misery and struggles, like his dubbed name says is what he experienced day in and day out pre-PBB Clash. They used to live in Manila, along with his family. If he doesn’t get any allowance from his parents, he’s used to walk to his school back and forth which is about 7km away. When his father died, his whole family decided to move back to Antique, to continue living there.

His Mother is working for taking care of the house chores of someone else, to make a little money which is almost not enough for Angelo to attend school. That’s why Angelo’s sacked with debts, from the tuition fee, down to the food he eats at the canteen during lunch time, and at times, even debts at the Hospital. He lives with one of his friends who owns a computer shop, at which he also part timely works to earn a bit money from it and get the privilege to use a computer for free, for his projects. Aside from that, he also gets some food.

A few more details from Angelo’s profile…
Favorite Actress: Maja Salvador
Favorite Singer: The Moffats
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Ginisa na Munggo, Veggies and others
Favorite Show: Katorse

He is one of the less fortunate housemates inside the Villa, his life is already starting to inspire others, will he continue do so inside the house?

Will Angelo Pasco’s inspiring life story serve as a inspiration to all the viewers to keep him inside the house? Or will others come to misunderstand him? What about his fellow PBB Clash housemates, are they going to treat him well, as a friend, or see this less fortunate brother of ours as a dangerous participant and want him out? That’s what we’re going to find out day in and day out on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010!

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